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Jeff Bruhl's Fishing Report for November 2017


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012Fishing Forecast

November has brought some great weather and some not so great. However, you have to play the cards dealt. High winds during the fall months are brutal. A passing front will drive the water up then suck it out after it passes. With a few key tips, playing the wind this time of year is what fall fishing is all about.

The relentless summer rains have stopped. The Pearl River is now at a stable ix feet on the Pearl River, Louisiana gauge. Reports are great for the area, too. From the West to marsh and back up the East, bass fishing is as steady as the river. First let’s talk about the marsh. The lower marsh between East and West Pearl Rivers is loaded with marsh bass. It is fun to pick up a spinnerbait this time of year and hit points and drains. Fish are feeding on shad and shrimp that migrate through the ditches around Lake Pontchartrain. Next, the West Pearl is a bit stained but a great place to throw a jig. Anglers should target wood cover. Finally, the East Pearl is has a mix of drains and cover that a bass angler could order any better. The key is to fish drains on a falling tide and bends in the river when the tide is coming in.

Rivers across the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain can be very tough to fish this time of year. Hard winds before a front will push the water into woods and grass areas and the fish seem to disappear. Post front day find the high pressure gives the fish lockjaw. The size and quantity on the good days make it a fun place to fish. Reports are good from the Tickfaw to the Tchefuncte. Anglers have to pick the right days when tides and weather are perfect. A few days after a front when the tidal range is high is the time to go. Suspending jerkbaits around cover, plastics in the wood cover, and slow moving spinnerbaits are good choices for the area.

Delacroix/Chef Pass
Delacroix has some good reports but can be tougher to fish when cold fronts stir up the water. The Chef Pass area has some protected places that keep the fish happy and the water clear. Several trip to the Chef has produced quantity where Delacroix produces quality. When the wind howls and make running a trolling motor a nightmare, break out a spinnerbait. I have had some success of late with a Delta Lure Houdini colored spinnerbait. The vibrating jig in that color works great, too. Anglers should fish ponds, small bayous, and other places where the water is clean to clear.

I made a two day trip to Venice under brutal conditions. A front hit the area about the time we arrived. We had gloomy weather and winds on day one and bluebird conditions on day two. We managed to catch fish close to Venice both days. However, day one was better as the falling temps slowed the bite on day two. Plus we fished to noon the second day and the best action was later in the day as the tide fell out. When conditions are brutal hit, pick up the flipping sticks and pond the canes and Hyacinth. One tip is to use a lighter weight on one rod and a heavy weight on another rod. When you find a section that produces with the light weight, go back over it with the heavy weight. Believe me, the wind will shrink the fishable areas down to nothing in the delta.

Check out Marshman Masson on youtube.

Anglers continue to bring in 16-18 pound stringers in most events. It looks the area survived another hurricane season and things are look great for the fall and winter months. Vegetation choking off some areas is still a concern. The basic tips this time of year is to fish slower and more methodical no matter what tactic you try. Slow roll spinnerbaits off the drop offs, soak plastics around cover, or go weightless with flukes and worms over grass beds. Like the Pearl River system, marsh areas produce quantity and wooded areas produce quality.

Jeff Bruhl