Bear Hunting

The US Fish & Wildlife Service is considering if the La Black Bear population has recovered sufficiently to allow a state a hunting season. Are you interested in hunting LA Black Bear?

Definitely would participate. - 18.3%
Not interested at all. - 57.5%
Not sure, depends on regulations, limits, permit cost, dates, etc. - 24.2%
The voting for this poll has ended on: 29 Sep 2014 - 14:13
Exempting Licensed

NOAA Fisheries & Mississippi are considering exempting Licensed-for Hire Vessels to catch and keep red drum from federal waters for 2 years that would also provide biological data collection to assist in population stock assessments. Are you ….

For - 14.9%
For only if applies to recreational anglers as well as charter boats. - 53.5%
Against - 26.3%
Don't care - 5.3%
The voting for this poll has ended

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