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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for March 27, 2015


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012Latest reports for Northshore and Basin areas, plus Lunkers and Liars and Panfishing

Lunkers and Liars plus Area Report

The Liars and Lunkers held their second bass tournament of the season on March 22, 2015 at Lock One in Pearl River. Twenty one (21) teams competed and were given the option of launching on the canal side or river side of Lock One. With the river being so high, only eight (8) teams chose to launch on the river side. Those teams electing to fish on the river side were rewarded when the weigh in was conducted at 2:00PM. First through fourth places and the two biggest bass of the day came from the river side. The majority of those teams made a long run south to the marsh. Some very familiar names ended up on the top of the leader board.  Taking first place was the team of Clay Zeringue and Tommy Cooper with 10.02 pounds.  Their stringer was the only to reach double digits on the day.

The tournament results were as follows:
1st Place - 10.02 pounds - Clay Zeringue & Tommy Cooper
2nd Place - 9.63 pounds - Mark Mohr & Charles Dauzat
3rd Place - 8.88 pounds - Rustin Beaudette & Caleb Beaudette
4th Place - 8.16 pounds - Jeff Bruhl & Rodney Teel
1st Place Big Bass - 3.07 pounds - Rustin Beaudette & Caleb Beaudette
2nd Place Big Bass - 2.88 pounds - Clay Zeringue & Tommy Cooper

Lunker and Liars winning teams

The next Liars and Lunkers tournament will be April 19th at Crawford's Landing in Slidell, La.

Basin Report
The river stage at Morgan City is going to 5.7 ft. With the water in the woods, Verret and marsh areas will be better. Weights have been down overall this year. An event last week took about 15# to win. Overall, the fishing is good for the Morgan City area. Anglers report catching numbers of the 1-2 pound class fish. Best baits are frogs, floating worms, and spinnerbaits. Patterns include Cypress trees and logs for spawning fish to pockets with clean water.

Like other spots across the area, the spawn was on one day and off the next. In the Lunkers and Liars tournament, 10# was a big stringer. On Saturday, Jay and Johnny Robertson (SLU fishing team) won an event with almost 15#. Also, on Saturday, Calvin Hill brought in 11# plus pounds on the Tchefuncte to win the South Tangi Bassmaster club tournament. There were spawning bass on the Tchefuncte but most of the spawning fish I found were near or on the river. This tells me the big wave of bass in the deadends were declining. The full moon next week should bring another round into the pockets.

The Pearl is high and muddy but the East is stained. Our fish on Sunday came from the East. Frogs, jigs, and spinnerbaits produced plenty of fish but no kickers. Fish were not on any specific pattern or location. One in a drain, one by a Cypress tree, one in the pads, etc. The river is around 15 ft and expected to hold there for the next few days.
Crappie (sac-au-lait), goggle eye, bream, etc are heading into some of the normal spawning areas. Recently, white perch have been steady but scattered around the Northshore rivers. I tried the crappie psychic bait last week. It performed well and reports are good from other anglers who have tried it. It is a thin bait applied to the hook for use with tube skirt. Goggle eye were pounding our jigs and spinnerbaits on the Pearl so I am looking forward to a good spawn next week and throughout April and May.

Jeff Bruhl