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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for November 6, 2014


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012

Latest reports for Sam Rayburn, Upper Bear, Basin, Pearl River, and the Mississippi Coast

Championship Time
October and November are championship months. If you fished a series, circuit earlier in the year, the fall is when the big money events hit. The last few weeks I have been tied up fishing across the south for a taste of honey. Sam Rayburn, Upper Bear, and other events have kept the free time to a minimum.

Sam Rayburn
The Bass and Bucks, Bud Light Team trail held one the championships on Sam Rayburn in Texas. My partner Chad Hartzog and I did not have enough time to practice but the event fell on a weekend we could both had open. So off we went. We managed a limit each day and culled several time but could not find a big fish. Overall, 30 pounds was good enough for a 2 day total second place. The winners mauled 30 pounds on the final day with a big ten pounder to go into the winning sack. Punching grass, Texas rigged trick worms, and a few spinnerbait bait fish helped us limit each day. The pattern was creek channels with grass mats in the back of the pockets off Harvey Creek and other main lake drains.

Upper Bear
Rodney Teel and I returned to Northwest Bama for the championship. We were the AOY team. The fact we beat the local Bama boys on their home water was a great reward for us. We finished third with big bass thanks to Rodney “Last Minute” Teel’s five pounder. A cold front overnight brought 22 wind chills and gusty winds to the lake. We had 2 little keepers at 1:38 and managed to cull then cast a 5# fish with a few minutes left in the day. The big fish came on a new Stanley jig in bull bream color. Between a red bug finesse worm and the jig, we culled several times before the big bite. Those clear NW Bama lakes will definitely see us return next year.

Fisher of Men and a few other events proved the area is still pretty tough. Especially, quality bites are hard to come by. Marsh areas are great for numbers but better fish are around Verret and West Basin areas. As the water gets cold, don’t forget to check canals with dead ends for fish. Winter is about a month away so bass use the dead ends for warmer water and protection. Jigs and creature baits are best bait to try.

Pearl River/Mississippi Coast
12-13 pounds is needed to win many of the events across the gulf river in La and Miss. Try punching grass on sunny days and jig fishing on cloudy to partly cloudy days. Especially, anglers should slow down when cold fronts pass. Saltwater species should begin leaving as colder temps hit. The West Pearl is low and clean. With little water in the woods for the fish to hide, the action should be great for the next month if the weather stays warm. Spinnerbaits are good options but jig fishing begins to pick up as the crawfish become more abundant.

Jeff Bruhl