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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for April 17, 2014


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012

Latest reports for the Black Bayou, Basin, Toledo Bend, and Northshore areas.

Another Blast
Hopefully the last cold front will be our last one this spring. As usual, the reports start out good then crash after a line of storms and a day of high pressure. Local rivers do not need more rain. Fishing was tough last weekend but some anglers managed to put the puzzle together. This weekend and next week should improve as the weather begins to warm and stays warm throughout the week.

Bayou Black
Jesse Haworth brought in 15 pounds of fish to take the Media Singles event. He reported frogs were his best baits. I managed to punch out a big fish in the Lake Penchant area for a check. Weightless flukes and Texas rigged craws were the ticket the week before but changing conditions moved the fish around. The goggle eye took the place of the bass. Boats were lined up at Bayou Black to catch dinner. Many anglers who were perch jerking said they were putting a few in the boat.

Topwater bite was on last week. The action should return with the weather. The only down side to the Basin in the spring rise is on the way. Snow melt and rain is sending the water above four feet next week. Places like the shell cuts near Adam’s Landing are spot to check because the banks are high enough to keep the water clean. With the up and down weather, the tournament sacks were not as big as last year. Hopefully, this means the spawn will be better and fish numbers will grow for next year.

Toledo Bend
It has been a year for big fish but not great fishing trips. Weather has hurt the angler due to wind, high pressure, or muddy water. It gives a new meaning to the “should have been here yesterday” saying. With high wind, the Bend fishes small as anglers have to duck into coves for protection. One of the hot baits this spring has been skinny dippers (grass pigs, swimbaits). Fish the swimbait like a Texas rig or senko. Fishermen should bounce the weightless to very light weighted bait over grass beds. The other story at the Bend is the grass has not thickened up as years past due to the cold winter.

Chad Hartzog and I won the Bass-n-bucks Pontchartrain event held out of North Pass last Sunday. I would love to say we caught a ton of fish but we did catch the right ones. We had eleven pounds with our biggest over three. Floating worms, flukes, and senkos worked very slowly produced the key bites. We only saw one fish on a bed. We may get another wave of spawners but I doubt it will be a big wave. Some shad were beginning to flick in a pocket. This means topwater and crankbaits will begin to dominate. Other anglers in the event reported catching numbers around Ruddock and Manchac but lacked the kicker to put them in the money. Again, next week should be a good week with the tide moving, warmer temperatures, and bait fish moving in to spawn.

We did find a few perch and goggle eye shallow. The panfish action should be on the rise the next few weeks on the Northshore. The Pearl and Tangipahoa Rivers are muddy. Other options would be Lacombe and Liberty.

Jeff Bruhl


Capt. Theophile Bourgeois of Bourgeois Fishing Charter report for April 17, 2014


Recent trip out to the Chandeluer Island to catch some redfish of a lifetime!

Fishing at Chanduluer Island with Capt Theophile BourgeoisFishing at Chanduluer Island with Capt Theophile BourgeoisFishing at Chanduluer Island with Capt Theophile Bourgeois
Fishing at Chanduluer Island with Capt Theophile BourgeoisFishing at Chanduluer Island with Capt Theophile BourgeoisCharlene with Capt Theophile Bourgeois

Charlotte, pictures at the left is a faithful listener to me and Don Dubuc on the WWL morning radio show. She is getting ready for her morning fishing trip to spank da redfish with our LSU graduate Blair. OK guys lets see some great fish pictures in the morning. Well they ate some gumbo, potato salad, jambalaya, and some grilled redfish Yum Yum !!!!! AaaaaaaaEeeeeeee!! Dats sum good eats yea man!

Capt. Theophile Bourgeois
Bourgeois Fishing Charters


Capt. Marty LaCoste report for April 12-13, 2014


Capt. Marty LaCoste Guide ServiceCapt. Marty LaCoste Guide Service

04-13-14 Mike Prejean, Chan Sanders, and Ben Adams joined me today. Our first stop looked promising with clean water and mullet crashing the surface. We quickly hooked 6-7 trout and a nice red, and thought it was on! Not much after that so off to our second location. The wind machine was steady pumping so we had to stay protected. We got on a couple runs of 5-6 fish and hooked into one nice big hog!

A couple more stops found a couple more reds, a flounder, and more trout. Tough grind it out type of day with such high winds, but the guys stayed patient and persistence paid off with a nice box of fish. Great guys to fish with, thanks again.

Fishing Capt. Marty LaCoste Guide ServiceFishing Capt. Marty LaCoste Guide ServiceFishing Capt. Marty LaCoste Guide Service

04-12-14 Gary, Nick, & Roder Russo, and Will Hales fished with me today. Our first stop found a slow bite only catching 10 trout and a red. We made a move and found a school of trout stacked up. It was every cast for about 15 minutes then shut down like a switch. Our next stop found another quick bite then shut off again. The trout bite went non existent, as no one we spoke to were catching. We switched gears and started soaking some fresh shrimp on the bottom. It didn't take long for everyone's rods to bend. Reds, drum, bay snapper, and fresh water cats were coming in almost every cast. They weren't all keepers but the guys were catching. Minimal tide movement today made it tough. Fun time regardless with the guys and we put a good mess together considering!! Tiger and Green Hornet Matrix caught all of our trout today. Thanks again guys for sticking it out in the tough conditions.

Big thanks to Capt Chris Venable for taking care of Ryan Ray and crew with MMR.

Capt. Marty LaCoste


Capt. Travis Miller from Miller Time Fishing Charters report for April 11-13, 2014


Fishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFlounder Fishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing Charters

4-13-14 No Sugar Coat Here
Byron Lemoine was back onboard the Blue Wave with his girlfriend Jennifer and buddy Joey. Not going to sugar coat today. It was flat out tough out there and once the winds started pumping 30mph it got real tough. There were some positives today . The crew started with a bang. With winds starting at around 20mph we hit a protected reef and Jen found her reel screaming with a bull red. Poor girl's hand cramped into a fist by the end of that battle. Totally worth it tho. A few minutes later Byron's drag went screaming and Joey was instantly jealous. We added a few keeper trout and some throwbacks before the bite went dead. Off to a protected cove and within minutes we had a triple hook up with Joey's going the biggest on a spinner bait. I wasn't lying when I said Joey was jealous of the bull reds. Although fishing for trout he was determined to find him a red. Oddly enough after the triple hook up we didn't catch another trout there. We moved around trying to hide from the wind and picking up a few fish. We called it a day around 1 with a good case of wind burn. Thanks Byron for the continued business.

Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing Charters

4/12/14 Slinging them in early
Beautiful morning with slick calm conditions. As fishermen we are never happy. If it\'s calm we curse the gnats and if it\'s windy we curse the wind. This morning started off with calm conditions and then the wind picked up. Fortunately my crew took advantage of the calm conditions early with the Hank and Steve slinging in trout everycast for about 30 minutes over a reef. Probably 60-40 keeper to throwbacks. The bite just stopped on us so the thrilling motor went to work. We worked over the area picking up a few and then we were off. We checked plenty of areas only finding maybe 8-10 more keepers. We headed north looking for reds and found 3 marsh bass instead before the guys called it a day around 11:30. Overall with talking with everyone it wasn\'t a bang up day but being in the right place at the right time paid off today. The Kamikaze Vortex Shad and Matrix Tiger Bait took care of business today. Thanks Capt. Rob DuPont for setting the trip up.

Fishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing ChartersFishing with Capt Travis Miller of Millertime Fishing Charters

4/11/14 Good Times
Micheal Woulfe's crew joined me today. The guys wanted to hit trout early and then chase some reds. The spring run is in full force as we hit a reef first and had a bunch of trout coming in. With Spring brings a lot of school trout and 11 3/4 inch trout so not all hit the box but that was the name of the game today. We hit reefs and a few flocks of birds and caught a ton of throwbacks with keepers mixed in. By around 11:00 we turned our attention to reds. I decided to hit Bayou Sevuer and found clean water. Pulled up to one point and the puppy drum were thick. After tackling them I offered to leave them biting and hit another point for some reds but they were worm out. Always good when clients are worm out from catching. Thanks Capt. Marty Lacoste for setting up the trip.

Capt. Travis Miller
Millertime Fishing Charters


Capt. Vern Ledoux Bayou Boyz Fishin report for April 12, 2014


Fishing with Capt Vern Ledoux of Bayou Boyz Fishin

Texas Boyz' having fun down in Grand Isle 4-12-14

Had the pleasure of taking some Texas boyz fishing, Steve Roberts and Jason Simmons. Stopped by T-Pops station and picked up some live minnows and headed south to Bobby Lynn's marina. This was their first time down in Louisiana and we wanted to show them a great time on the bayou.

Fishing with Capt Vern Ledoux of Bayou Boyz FishinFishing with Capt Vern Ledoux of Bayou Boyz FishinFishing with Capt Vern Ledoux of Bayou Boyz Fishin

We headed straight for Grand Isle and our first stop produced nothing, then it was on to the next spot. Got the boat anchored with that new Power Pole provided by Bent Marine and we started picking up some real nice specks on Matrix Shad. Ole Steve managed to catch a nice red (32 inches) his biggest to date. The bite slowed down and we decided to head in with a nice box of fish.

Fishing with Capt Vern Ledoux of Bayou Boyz FishinSunrise over the Louisiana Bayous

That evening we launched at the public launch right behind Tpops in Golden Meadow and headed straight for the close by ponds. Bait of choice was some live cocahoes under a popping cork. We managed 2 limits of reds and a handful of trout which was more than enough for us to treat the boys to some Blackened Redfish.

For your next fishing adventure down in South Louisiana give us a call and we will take care of the rest.

Capt. Vern Ledoux
Bayou Boyz Fishin