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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for July 27, 2014


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012

Latest reports for the Pearl River, Delacroix, and Basin areas.

Good Day Bad Day
Fishermen must constantly battle the elements. If it is not rain, the wind may blow out the favorite fishing hole. The weather pattern this summer has not helped the angler this year. Heavy rain and west winds put a hurting on the water along the gulf coast. It is called fishing for a reason because high expectations quickly turn into a boat ride without many bites during the trip. Overall, the fishing has been good the first month of the summer with an occasional bad trip. Until the winds coming from the west changed back to the east, anglers will struggle trying to put the puzzle together.

Jekyll and Hyde might be a better name for this place. With a vast area to cover, tides, winds, and other factors makes Delacroix like a trip to the casino. Sometimes you hit the jackpot while other times it is fun just to go donate some money. A trip last week produced three bass and a red. The main issue was the west wind that changed to the water clarity in spots like Batola, Grand, and other lakes where the fish were. The morning was supposed to be a strong incoming tide. However, the west wind pushed the water out all morning. Some trips to Delacroix makes an angler say that was easy. Other trips makes the guy put a for sale sign on his fishing equipment. When you return to Sweetwater and see no fish cleaning occurring, put that down as a day in the fishing log.

The river is steady around seven feet. A trip Saturday produced some good catches of 1-2 pound fish. We did not have a big kicker but ten pound stringer off the main East Pearl is common. The balls of shad are everywhere along the Hwy 90 corridor. Our best fish came off of buzz baits. For action, head up the East. The drains along the smaller tributaries and main river are loaded with small fish. Our trip on Saturday brought Nick Teel, a youngster, along for the morning. The Pearl is a great spot to bring a kid. We managed several goggle eyes and a white perch using Texas rigs and small panfish baits.

With a ton of bait on the lower end, anglers should have several options when launching on the East. Buzz baits and Ribbits are fun options for scattered bass along points and river beds. Flukes and topwaters tight against the canes or shoreline vegetation should produce as well. For smaller fish up river, drag a Texas rig deep (4-8 ft) around the drains or laydowns. Our luck was placed with any red colored plastic – watermelon red, redbug, or black neon.

Better reports are slowly coming our way. The water levels at Morgan City are beginning to reflect the tide charts (3 ft at Morgan City). Above Morgan City, the levels are at a slow fall but low enough to move the fish out of the woods and produce some clean water. Panfish action has improved but will slow as the full moon is over. Best baits for Basin remains a spinnerbait in many reports. However, Texas rigs and frogs will begin to take over as the summer heat climbs.

Jeff Bruhl


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