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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for Aug 23, 2014


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012

Latest reports for Northwest Alabama and the Pearl River, Basin, and Venice areas.

Free time and hot weather has decreased the reports as of late. Overall, fishing has been good across the area. Size is the only thing lacking this time of year. Soon, the weather will turn and watch out. Fall fishing should be as good as it gets.

Rodney Teal and I made a short trip to Northwest Alabama. The area is loaded with fishing holes. We made a trip to Pickwick, Wilson, and Little Bear. Russellville, Alabama has about 10 lakes within an hour or so drive. Cedar, Smith, Pickwick, Wheeler, and Guntersville are just a few names that come to mind. Out trip consisted of schooling fish and night fishing. We first hit the water on Pickwick for a late afternoon of schooling bass. Crankbaits were the ticket when the fish hit the surface. The rest of the time a one ounce football jig did the damage. After dark, we tried our luck on Wilson Lake, just below Pickwick. A ten inch Powerbait worm is the favorite with the locals for night action. Most Bama boys have black lights rigged on the gunnels of their boats.

Fishing with Jeff BruhlNight fishing has a few advantages like no sunscreen required and less heat. The worm fishing was about the same as during the day but it is harder to tell how big a fish is until it hits the lights around the boat. Another great tactic is a single Colorado spinnerbait. It is similar to our Delacroix special except the blade is a #6 and really thumps. Many lakes are loaded with spotted bass. From the twelve inch tappers to the big 3-4 pound slammers, the spotted bass is a fun fish to catch.

The rise last week put mud back into the water for West anglers. It may take another week of falling water before the West gets right. I ventured out with Todd Masson of this week. I added a scouting trip to some filming. We managed some fish but the West was a bust. High tide, muddy water, and heat had the fish in an uncooperative mood. Our best five might have tipped the scales at six pounds or so. This matches the reports for the area. Anglers are reporting good trip but size is lacking. Check out the video on some tips for fishing the Pearl in August.

A tournament last week has a few five pounders it the scales. However, the story is about the same for that area as the rest of the south. For the Basin, ten pounds is common stringer size. Fourteen or more is needed to win or place. Spinnerbaits, punching, and plastics are good choices for the area.

The Mississippi in down and the action is starting up. A few good reports from the Duck to SE Pass area are starting to come in. Anglers report plenty of 1-2 pounders but the bigger fish require some hard work to find. As the river bottoms out, look for bigger fish to begin hitting the deck. Points are good places to try for action then move to flipping canes as a backup plan. Until the weather cools down, anglers need to concentrate on points with moving water and depth. Later in the year, flipping canes and points are steady patterns.

Jeff Bruhl