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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for May 8, 2015


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012Latest reports for the Basin, Northshore and Delacroix areas, plus Trout fishing on Lake Pontchartrain

May Report
I have to say April was a miserable month for bass fishing.  Heavy rains, cold fronts, and anything Mother Nature could add to the pot made it a month to forget. May is shaping up to be much kinder to bass anglers. Rivers are falling, south winds are blowing, and bait fish are spawning.

Basin Report
The river in the Basin will be high this month as it traditionally is. At a level just below 6 feet, anglers should spend their time in the marsh. Lower Bayou Black has been steady throughout the past few weeks. Verret side is another option as the rain soaked area begins to clean up. Spinnerbaits, crawfish baits, and weightless offers are top options for anglers Target Cypress trees around points.

Finally, the Pearl River is falling. It should be around 7 ft. for the weekend. Hit the runout and drains for action. Panfish begin gathering this month so don’t forget the Gulp Crickets. Other northshore rivers are improving, too. Bass begin schooling on shad so flukes and crankbaits are part of the plan. Go topwater early, then try moving baits after that.

Reports are anglers are having a tough time finding fish in the area. Like always, Delacroix is hit and miss fishing. If an angler pulls up to the right point at the right time, it can be fantastic. Otherwise, it is a day of exercising your arm. As the heat kicks in, look for grass beds to hold fish. Ribbits and frogs are always top starting points for the area. Swimbaits, floating worms, etc. come into play as the sun creeps high in the sky.

If you like fishing in a crowd and catching trout, head to the trestle. Cmac(Chris Macaluso) and I had a great trip on Sunday. We had lots of strikes, bites, and hanger ons. The trout are not big. Most fish are bigger than twelve to fourteen inches. Ultraviolet seemed to be the color as fish are feeding on shad (pogies). The live shrimp were not as productive because the shrimp in the lake are tiny. That will change in about a month. The causeway is heating up, too. The only issue there is the wind keep the place off limits most days. Midlake is the hot reported area, if you can get there.

Jeff Bruhl