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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for January 29, 2015


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012Latest reports for Northshore, Basin and other areas

February - Around the Corner

January is almost over. February can be a great month in Louisiana if the weather warms up enough. Recently a few days of sunny days have helped improve fishing in some spots. Other factors like falling river levels and cold front impact the good days on the water as well. Panfish and bass action begins to heat up as February comes into view.

The Pearl River will fall next week but at levels over 10 ft, the bite will be tough. Smaller bayous running into Lake Pontchartrain are good option to try for several reasons. First, rain has less impact on the water condition as opposed to the Pearl. Most bodies are loaded with marsh bass. Finally, the bayous warm quicker due to size than the bigger cousins like the pearl. North Pass and spots to the west are also places to catch a few fish. Due to the size of the Tangipahoa and other arms, rain will have more impact on these systems. However, reports are beginning to come in from these areas and are improving.

The Basin is on a slow fall which makes it a good place for panfish and bass. Reports are good from Pigeon down. However, finding the right combination of clean water and grass is the key to Sac-au-lait and bass. On the Verret side, try the usually canals and deadends because as February arrives so do the bass. Slow roll spinnerbaits or pitch a jig.

Other Choice
Delacroix and other marsh areas (Bayou Black, etc) heat up fast with a week of sunny weather. However, pay attention to the wind. A week of west wind in Delacroix will make fishing tough because of low water levels. Unless you fish out of a duck boat, some areas are hard to reach. A week of easterly winds and sunny skies signals the time to try the marsh. The good thing about the marsh is trout fishing is always a backup plan.

Jeff Bruhl