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Jeff Bruhl's Marshbass Fishing Report for October 16, 2014


Jeff Bruhl's Marsh Bass Fishing Report February 2012

Latest reports for Basin, Pearl River, Venice and Disney?

Cooler weather and a Surprise Disney Fish
The leaves are beginning to change color and fall off the trees. The cold fronts are punching through the area, too. As temperatures fall, so does the water temps. When the water temps fall in the low 70s, break out the spinnerbait. Bass react to blades during the fall. Besides covering more water, a spinnerbait catches fish during the cooler months. The weather has been warm so do not discount a light Texas rig as bass will still be deep. A recent trip to Walt Disney Word proved the Texas rig in the deeper canals was the best option. Scroll down to see the surprise fish we caught in the lakes around Epcot.

Reports seem to lean in favor of Lake Verret over the Basin side. Docks and main points down the old ICW are patterns to pay attention to. Fish are on the move so any spot that provides cover is something to key on. Points near main lake entrances are producing, too. Spinnerbaits are top lures to have on deck followed by a crankbait then a worm. Marsh areas below Morgan City are good for numbers but a kicker is harder to find.

The river is on the rise. Muddy water is an issue so move around until a clean cut or bayou is located. Down river is best but a few reports from the Duck makes it another option. Throw spinnerbaits around any wood or point with current. If the tide is falling, anglers should flip canes and mats near main channel spots.

Pearl River
With the passing front, enough rain fell to add some water the West. Look for a rise over the weekend with a fall again next week. The East is producing some fish but 10# is a nice sack for a local event. The marsh is another option but check it on a moving tide. Word is the redfish are scattered through the lower cuts so bring extra spinnerbaits with you.

Walt Disney World
I highly recommend a guided trip during your next trip to see Mickey Mouse. For about $250 five people can climb aboard a pontoon boat for some bass action. We fished the lakes around Epcot and Boardwalk area. All equipment and baits are provided. We had a few three to four pound fish on Texas rigs and live shiners. We started with topwaters but the warm up proved that to be a bust. A straight tail light Texas rigged Junebug wormed worked well over the submerged grass. Most trip are two hours in length which give you plenty of time to hit your favorite ride. Check out the surprise fish my guide unhooked for me. It is all about fun at Disney.

Jeff Bruhl fishing at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida

Jeff Bruhl